Online Articles

This is my growing list of online articles. I’m also working on a list of books and peer-reviewed research articles.

Dishes at Home

John Bingham. Secret of a man’s happiness: do the dishes for a quiet life. 6/27/12. The Telegraph.

Melissa Dahl. Dads Who Do Dishes Raise Ambitious Daughters. 5/28/14. New York Magazine.

Matthew Fray. She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink.1/25/16. Huffington Post.

Laurie Gerber. How to Stop Fighting Over the Dishes! 4/1/17. Huffington Post.

David Brancaccio. Melinda Gates on balancing the burden of unpaid work. 3/23/16. Marketplace.

Claire Lower. Why the Person Who Cooks Should Also Do the Dishes. 1/4/16. Lifehacker.

Stephen Marche. The Case for Filth. 12/7/13. New York Times.

Claire Cain Miller and Quoctrung Bui. Equality in Marriages Grows, and So Does Class Divide. 2/27/16. New York Times.

Emily Oster. Dividing the Chores: Who should cook and who should clean? 11/21/12. Slate.

Jonathan Petre. The couple who wash the dishes together will stay together, research reveals. 12/28/09.

Rachel Premack. Why so many men are cooking. 7/19/16. Washington Post.

Adam Rapoport. Let’s Remember What Thanksgiving Is Really About: Who Does the Dishes. 11/6/15. Bon Appétit.

Paul Vitello. Suzanne Bianchi, 61, Who Analyzed Family Time, Dies. 11/17/13. New York Times.

Katherine Zaleski. I’m a Successful Working Mom Because of My Nanny. 4/25/16. Elle.


In Gender-Equal Punk House, No One Does the Dishes. 12/19/16. The Hard Times [satire].

Clara Morris. Flowchart: Should You Do the Dishes? 5/14/15. College Humor.

Celebrities & Dishes

Bill Murray does dishes at Scottish party. 10/15/06. Today/AP.

Maggie Lange. Reports Confirm: Taylor Swift Is the Helpful Friend Who Does All the Dishes. 12/10/14. The Cut.

Marguerite Ward. Why Bill Gates loves doing the dishes every night. 9/30/16. CNBC.