An article last week in the New York Times, Justice Dept., Under Siege From Trump, Plows Ahead With His Agenda, had this opening paragraph:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is at the Justice Department by 6:15 a.m., when he exercises on a treadmill near his fifth-floor office, showers in an adjoining bathroom, microwaves instant oatmeal and hand-washes the bowl, then prepares for a daily 8:20 a.m. meeting with his deputy, Rod J. Rosenstein. [Emphasis mine, naturally]

Did you catch that? He doesn’t leave it to “soak” and then forget about it for days. He doesn’t use a new bowl each day, let them pile up and then wash them all at the end of the week (something you can make an argument for doing at home). He doesn’t just assume if he leaves it there someone else (Rosenstein?) will take care of it. (All of this is assuming the description of his morning routine is correct, obviously).


Sign an anonymous colleague posted in the break room.

In my last job, we had a break room we shared with another division. Often it included an oatmeal bowl soaking and forgotten about for days. I often imagined such a colleague feeling like they were “super busy” and would get back the dishes in the sink “soon.”

Well, The Attorney General is pretty busy—turning back the clock on decades of social progress is a lot of work, after all. So the next time you have a colleague who is “too busy” to clean up themselves you can throw this example in their face. It might backfire though, providing a point of pride in being the opposite of Sessions… So maybe that’s a bad idea and you should just hang up a sign like the one pictured.

On a related note, last week I finished Al Franken, Giant of the Senate, which had some interesting discussions of forming a personal friendship with Sessions but also strongly opposing his nomination.