Last week I changed from working four ten hour days to working five eights. I feel like the year of working ten hour days got me used to working longer days and I decided to take advantage of the shorter days by working daily writing into my routine.

I’m happy to report I succeeded all of last week. Monday through Thursday I took earlier buses to Salem than I needed to and spent time writing in a cafe or coffee shop. Sometimes it was only 15 minutes, but my main goal was to just start a writing routine. It’s also amazing how much it’s possible to write in 15 minutes with the wifi turned off and my phone on silent. Friday I arrived early at the site of my all-day training and then got my writing in at a Burger King.

Yesterday was hard with springing forward. I got up later, but tried doing a little writing on the bus trip home. I know someone who used writing on the bus as one of her strategies for finishing her dissertation. I was able to write, but it’s not the best ergonomics and I struggle with motion sickness. Today I got to the cafe a few blocks from work an hour before I have to start work. The rest of this week I’m on vacation, so I’ll take a break from the project but will journal or do fun writing.

The sessions will need to get a big longer and I also need to make time for reading research I’m incorporating into the project, but it feels good to be getting back into a writing routine.